COMMUNITY VETS – caring about pets and their people in south-east Melbourne

Community Vets was born out of necessity following the closure, in April 2018, of a long established welfare vet clinic. Some of the veterinary team from that clinic, felt obliged to open their own independent clinic with a similar ethos, to provide ongoing affordable veterinary care for the local community into the future. 

Our veterinarians have many years of experience which enables them to offer high quality surgery, desexing, medical consultations and vaccinations at a reduced price. They are professional, competent and compassionate and supported by a dedicated team of nurses.

The team at Community Vets understand that animals are such a vital part of people’s well being and will ensure that everyone is able to care for their pets who give them such unconditional love. With this mission and this passion, Community Vets have opened our clinic in Braeside.